Norway, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Swedish pilot's

Update:-Thursday No change from either party. You know the routine, call before you go to the airport. Except Danes injecting themselves into the mix. Airline workers including airport security union, Serviceforbundet in Denmark threaten to join in the strike. Workers will strike in two weeks if a deal has not been made for Norwegian workers. Unfortunately not enough is being reported about passengers stranded in Spain, UK, Italy, France...

Update:-Wednesday Strike in full swing, all 35,000 passengers delayed. Airline saves money by being grounded.

Update:-Tuesday All Norwegian flights grounded tomorrow in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Here's Norwegians press release. Flights tomorrow from Oslo Gardermoen cancelled:-starting 7:25am - Trondheim, Stavenger, Bergen, Helsiki 7:45 am is scheduled to leave. 
Check our favorite site change the time frame.

Update:-Tuesday More flights cancelled today, 13, four were to and from Sweden. Tomorrow large amount of staff expected to strike. This includes 650 pilots.

​Update:- Monday 700 pilots worry today airline will go bankrupt.
Update:-Sunday Domestic flights hit today long-hauls left.
Update:-Saturday 28 February, 2015 This morning no flights were delayed or cancelled. You will likely to be delayed or cancelled if flying later in the week - Wednesday on.
27 February 2015 Bitter dispute, a strike will likely happen. Protect yourself. Which other company flies your route? Can you change to a different airline? If you are already flying with a different airline make sure you confirm your seat it will be hot property. Make a hotel booking for just incase at your airport. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle pilot's have been in wage negotiations for three months and threaten continued strike action from this Saturday, February 28, 2015. Union feel management prefer to hire foreign pilots on short term bases easing experienced Norwegian pilots out.
Management:-The pilots in Scandinavia have very good conditions and costs must be reduced which we have seen with our competitors.
Meetings to take place this Thursday and Friday. Union threaten to pull 70 pilot's Saturday morning.

Airline posted recent losses 2014 at $210 million. (Here's an article regarding airlines history we found interesting

Swedish Pilot Association swealpa threaten sympathy strike Wednesday March 4th at 10pm.

We also update:-Norwegian Air Shuttle Strike page. 

February and March Keep your eye out for bus and rail strikes. 
Pilot unionVereinigung Cockpit (VC)  
Stuttgart and Hannover Airports.

Hamburg International Airport
​Lufthansa Travel Information
Here's a link to Easy Travel Report Lufthansa Strike page we update that also.
Lufthansa Flight Attendants
Update:-Friday 13th February Flight attendant union agrees to more time for negotiations over the next few months.
Update:-2, February 2015 Good sign, all parties still talking.
19 January 2015 Lufthansa flight attendants union UFO have agreed to mediation and are balloting union members for strike action.
Hamburg Airport
Road works. The most important north-south connectors - construction of the A7 Bordesholm - South of Hamburg Airport delays.
800,000 Public employees threaten strike action. Talks to take place 16 and 17 March.

Spanish baggage and ramp worker strike that was to go on in March and April has been cancelled.

Barcelona El Prat Airport Strike
Cleaners for very busy Terminal 2 will strike:-
February 5th and 6th
March 5th, 6th and 31st and April 1, 2015 
Toilets will be cesspool, bring TP, hand sanitizer you name it.

Air Europa - Heads up, watch out, don't get caught.
3 February 2014 Air Europa's owners Globalia "might" buy Portuguese airline "TAP". If so airlines have similar bases. Needless to say the unions are apoplectic. Between the two airlines that's a lot of job loss. 

Qantas low cost subsidiary Jetstar - Strike threat Easter or the summer/winter

18 January 2015 Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) represent 40% of the 1,000 pilot’s. After two years of talks with management  union decided to
ballot pilots whether to take industrial action or not.

Union representing the other 35% - The Australian and International Pilots Association. Union will decide soon.

Bloated Qantas has an 18 month pay freeze in effect. $2 billion in cuts over three years and will let go 5,000 workers. Jetstar pilot’s lowest paid in Australia.
Fair Work
Welcome to the basement.

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"What to Do if an Airline Strike Cancels Your Flight"

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We can't answer this one "Have kids ever gone on strike?"
How to reassure a passenger if the fuel runs out?
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Easy Travel Report 
Industrial Action Strike Guide for 2015

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Viewer called us the drudge of travel, very witty... We wish.
Another viewer "not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but gets the point across" and another "A really useful site (though guaranteed to give you a few sleepless nights!!!). Will definitely check regularly on this one".

Jeez, thanks..

Another viewer
I appreciate what you are doing and I agree totally with your sentiment.
I am an international traveler for business on average one international trip a week, all year long.(maybe more lately).

I have been extremely inconvenienced like yourselves. I have slept on the floor in Narita airport, I have been treated as an animal in a mob of passengers at Milan Malpensa, and scrambled for an emergency place to
stay near JFK, etc, etc.

Can't you just feel this passengers pain.

From Karen:-I just want to thank you for the warning...unfortunately, I did not heed it, and my husband and I, traveling from Nice to Savona, Italy, were kicked off the train at the last stop in France, Menton, along with 3 others, with no prior warning of any troubles ahead. There WAS a strike in Italy, and we had to catch a cruise that evening, so ended up splurging on a taxi to Savona. But this is a great website...keep up the good work!! We went to the Nice train station to buy tickets a couple of days before we planned to travel to Savona, and I even asked at that time if there was any word of a strike in Italy.  The man looked at me and said in a very disinterested manner, "We do not know about Italy.  We sell French tickets.".   Well, OK then!!  
Our table mates on the ship had a flight cancellation on Iberia for their return, which was to be on Easter Sunday.  They ended up leaving the ship early, in Marseille, in order to get home.  Too bad....
Do you have a particular app that you can't live without?
​Why do we leave information up you ask? Because travel agents, insurance companies and passengers refer to it. 

We get emails on a regular basis asking did this strike really happen or I need proof it happened?

Penny Ciocchi @ Easy Travel Report
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When's Easter 2015?
Good Friday ​
6 April 2015

**Warning, Travel Alert, Travel Advisory 
for 2015**
 shaky airlines

Ask yourself, should I book a ticket with these airlines? These companies are embedded, entrenched with industrial disputes and have threatened strikes for when you are going to travel!
Air Berlin
Air France
Air India
Air Namibia
Air Zimbabwe
American Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Czech Airlines
Estonia Airline
Iberia Airlines
Kuwait Airways  
Lot Polish Airlines
Lufthansa Airlines
along with Germanwings
Spirit Airlines
TAP Air Portugal

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​From Dee
We found your fantastic site two weeks after leaving our luggage at Brussels airport due to the May, 2013 'industrial action'. Along with 78,000 other pieces of luggage, our 2 were eventually returned, once we were home, four weeks later. We were not informed of the 'industrial action' when we checked in in Rome, thank you Brussels Airlines. So we, experienced travellers of 30+ years, learned the hard way that we have to inform ourselves. And your site is excellent. We have sent it to many, many people. Keep up the fantastic work! - Sincerely, thankful Canadians

May I just say how wonderful your website is and how it has helped me this year. I travel to Europe quite frequently and with all the strikes in France and Italy particularly, it has been an incredible help and always so topical - much more so in fact than the individual airlines webpages.

I have recommended it to several of my friends. Thank you so much for making life that much easier!

Very best wishes

Sydney International Airport
Be aware largest transport project in Australia effecting routes to airport. Allow extra time.
West Connex Road 
Project ends 2019

Italian air traffic control strikes are planned
Friday, 20 March, 2015 from 10 am - 6 pm
Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 from 1pm - 5pm

Italian strikes are notorious for changing strike plans 24 hours before hand. If strike goes ahead, long hauls, short hauls and domestic flights will be affected. Keep in touch with your airline, phones charged and check your email. All airlines will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Flights will likely be back to normal by following morning.

ENAV Italian air traffic controllers. Controllers dealing with single European air space, job losses, closeure of towers and Italian Government selling 49% of the organization to the highest bidder.
Rome Airport Fiumicino
Milan Airport Malpensa
Alitalia Strikes
Alitalia strike by pilot's and flight attendants is planned for 20 March, 2015
from 10 am - 6pm same time as air traffic controllers. 
15 January 2015 Rome - Second tax hike in four months for luxury 5 star hotels. Hoteliers threaten strike action.
Motorway Petrol Stations Strike
48 hour strike will start Tuesday, 3 March 2015 at 10pm. Fill up before you cross the border.
Italian Port Strike
Nationwide  24 hour port strike March 6. Union (ANGOPI boatmen for mooring Italian ports), tug men, port stevedores will strike. Passenger ferries will be moored to docks. This has the potential to be devastating. Venice, Ancona, Ravenna, Rome's Civitavecchia, Genoa, Naples, Sardinia, Savonna, Sicily.
Unions state strike will effect airports. Some marine workers will only strike for half a day. (just passing it on!)
Italian Rail Strike 
24 hour rail strike planned for week-end of March 6th and 7th has been cancelled.
Local commuter rail strike 4 March and Cumana Railway strike from 3:15 - 23:10
Genoa bus strike 10 March, 2015. 
Nationwide Rail Strike
Trenord and Trenitalia Rail strike will start Saturday 9 pm, 14 March, 2015 till Sunday 9pm 15 March. Italo  Trenitalia will not guarantee minimum service.
Italo routes If this strike goes ahead it will not effect long distant trains, only local trains.

Sicily - Rail strike is planned Wednesday March 25, 2015. Protesting local ferry that is more convenient - faster.
Time 9am - 5pm local time.

Italian Air Traffic Control Strike(s) and Alitalia strike.
Air passengers will face major flight disruptions at all Italian airports, nationwide in Italy including Sardinia.
Easy Travel Report.Com  "Priceless Travel Information" a travel guide!
Transportation strikes for 2015. We just want to give you the "Heads Up" of a potential travel disruption, disaster! Find out whose ripe for industrial action. Check here first, even before you've bought your airline ticket. Be prepared for next trip. 2015 shaping up to be contentious between shareholders, unions and employees.
Indian Banks
Bank strike planned for January has been deferred to February. Four day strike starts February 25, 2014. Bring cash ATM's will be empty till Monday morning. Another strike is also planned for 16 March.

Indian Airport Strike
Update:-24 February 2015 State-run Airports Authority of India (AAI) run Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur airports.
Government had offered potential buyers that only 60% of employees need to be hired. Government now backtracks and has a new amendment stating 100 per cent of AAI employees must be absorbed in any change of ownership. Government begs union to cancel strike but are making a contingency plan,

Update:-February 16, 2015 Indian Airport strike date is in Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 Live Mint. If this goes ahead, expect chaos like you've never seen before! If you must fly, book your flight no later than the 4th and not earlier than the 25th. (Yes, I'm paranoid, now it will only be a strike an hour long an I'm red faced)

Monday 19 January, 2015 Airports Authority Employees Union (AAEU) reject privatization plan of four Indian airports and threaten strike action.
Israel General Strike
(election coming up 17 March)
Goverment private sector union workers and public workers 
will strike Thursday, March 12, 2015. Not sure yet if this will effect Ben Gurion Airport or El Al. Still prepare yourself for a wait.
El Al
Ben Gurion Airport
Call El Al to confirm your flight
El Al in Israel 03-977-1111 
El Al Departures board
Pilot shortage. Sunday night flight leaving Ben Gurion to NYC gets delayed often due to no pilot scheduled. Management scramble for a pilot to do overtime.
​Corsair strike cancelled that was planned for this weekend March 6  - sale will not go through
 Paris Orly Airport
French National Strike
Announced today, February 20th 2015 National strike Is being planned for Thursday, April 9, 2015. 
Unions involved CGT, FO and Solidarity - private and public workers.
It's early for your airline to notice. Air France flights likely to take brunt of it. (General Confederation of Labour CGT is the largest union in France, recovering from scandal. Leader Thierry Lepaon resigned after using funds, 105,000 euro’s ($125,000) to renovate his suburban Paris apartment. Refused to resign for quiet some time, 1,000 euro toilet seat got him in the end (oops no pun intended)
French Airport Strike
Over for now.
Watch DGAC blog
Air France 
Charles de Gaulle Airport 
French Rail Strike
Sncf strike starts Monday, 7pm, March 9, 2015 till Wednesday, 8am March 11th.

Marseille Bus / Tram Strike
12 January 2015 Marseille bus company RTM has announced a 5 month bus strike/go slow starting tomorrow at peak times. Workers will walk out every day 7 am to 8:30 am and again in the evenings from 5 to 6pm.  RTM is a popular bus to and from Marseille Airport. Strike will not effect subway. Extra traffic on roads, taxi shortages. Strike ends June 30th.
Marseille Airport

Toulouse Metro Strike
Seven month strike announced. Strike will end September 30, 2015.
Strike is over extension of hours on Friday and Saturday’s till 3am and security concerns.
Strike time will be on the extended hours. This is a continuation of the same strike which ended January 31, 2015 which caused random chaos for commuters in am. Meeting to take place March 11. Metro does not go to Toulouse Airport.
Informative sites
Living in Greece

United States 
Banned - "Selfie Sticks" in NYC and DC museums.

Allegiant Airlines
Update;-Friday, 13th February, 2015 Contingency plans being made. Allegiant will bring in substitute pilot's if needed.

Allegiant Airlines pilots vote for strike action. No date set. Issue at National Mediation Board where it can drag on for months and months. 
Here a great article with what's what

​Based in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
Teamsters Local 1224
Allegiant Airlines

Flights from Key West to Cuba start midmarch March Miami Herald

American Airlines
Mechanics take American Airline to court Forbes
Beauvais Airport
Train into Paris has been on strike for several months. Modified schedule is in place.
Beauvais Airport

Air Canada
Update:-This is why the issue is quiet - lockout The Star
February 19, 2015 Air Canada workers suspend talks with management. 
Unifor union for customer sales and service agents cancel negotiations over shift issues.
Same day as Air Canada named leading airline for customer loyalty.
Lastly CP rail unions and management have made a deal.

You will be flying into an Argentinian general transportation strike 
Tuesday March 31st.

SAS Airlines is millions in debt. Cabin crews are back to work but issues still not resolved.
Denmark union Serviceforbundet which includes airport security workers threaten to join in with Norwegian Air striking workers if a deal is not made by two weeks.

Copenhagen Airport 


M56 Bridge closing, between Junction six at Hale and junction five at Manchester Airport. Area will be closed between 10pm on Friday, February 27 and 5am on Monday, March 2 Highways Agency Gov.UK

UK Air Traffic Control - First Class First Landing
Airlines with more first class passengers will cut the line and land earlier than an aircraft without first class passengers DailyMail
London Underground
Train drivers being balloted for strike action. Ballot ends 17 February and earliest date for strike action.
British Airway looking to buy Irish national airline Aer Lingus.
Scotland - Shetlands ferry strike
London National Gallery
Sunday February 22, 2015 PCS union members threaten new 5 day walkout - You might find some exhibitions closed.